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Originally posted on: April 14 2020
[En] I'm finally done ! After technical difficulties and insta's awful cropping, I present to you my version of the six fanarts ! You guys sent me amazing suggestions and it was hard to choose between favourites and not-too-hard to draw 🧡🤟
[Fr] J'ai enfin fini ! Après des difficultés techniques et le rognage dégueu d'insta, je vous présente ma version du six fanarts ! Vous m'avez envoyé d'incroyables propositions et ce fut difficile de choisir entre mes préférés et les pas-trop-durs à dessiner 💚🤟
Black widow/Veuve Noire — Marvel
Teletubbies' sun/Soleil des Télétubbies
Blue diamond/Diamant bleu — Steven Universe
Bill Cipher/Bill Crypto — Gravity Falls
Pinkamena Diane Pie — Mlp : FIM
Anakin Skywalker — Star Wars

#sixfanarts #blackwidow #marvel #teletubbies #sun #teletubbiessun #bluediamond #su #stevenuniverse #billcipher #gravityfalls #pinkiepie #mlp #mlpfim #anakinskywalker #starwars
safe1583428 artist:edwenn_hybride2 pinkie pie204102 black widow29 earth pony204842 human144136 pony854070 spider1591 anakin skywalker96 arm behind head5474 bill cipher269 black widow (marvel)94 blue diamond (steven universe)27 bowtie8750 cheek squish716 chest fluff32845 clothes413471 crossed arms4305 crossover58026 female1179707 gravity falls1261 hat77008 male309075 mare425587 marvel comics360 open mouth124845 six fanarts1279 smiling217465 squishy cheeks2120 star wars2985 steven universe1376 sun5938 teletubbies42 top hat3771


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