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Nude version: >>2415616
suggestive129427 artist:papadragon691113 queen chrysalis32646 spike74359 starlight glimmer44513 sunburst5932 anthro233068 3d65262 belly button68658 blatant lies1191 blushing177369 breasts244991 chryspike81 crossed arms4312 female1180814 gigachad spike591 lidded eyes27086 male309209 obvious lie is obvious11 older23357 older spike4541 racket13 sfm pony519 shipping184182 source filmmaker39695 sports3049 starburst1062 straight122048 strip game13 tennis186 undressing4758


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Background Pony #CC63
Sunburst is a cute nerd and Starlight Glimmer is a supreme athelete, I love this fact.

And why is Chrysalis doing here?
She must be planning to kidnap Sunburst… and make Starlight has to save him.
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