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A little punishment for those who destroyed half of Ponyville.. again!
Commission for [Illuminations]

And I opened two slots for comms (note that I can be slow and usually draw pics for 3-4 weeks)
Feel free to note me, if you want to claim the slot -
safe1585132 artist:shoggoth-tan35 apple bloom46790 sweetie belle46613 earth pony205330 pony855378 unicorn273298 adorable distress414 adorabloom2464 autumn1405 bloomsub98 blushing177560 bondage30653 cute180998 diasweetes2621 disembodied hand2495 eyes closed81247 feather5318 female1184921 femsub9243 filly59845 forest9006 hand7874 hoof tickling715 laughing7228 magic66483 magical hands23 one eye closed25980 open mouth125076 rope10337 rope bondage3287 submissive13774 sweetiesub69 tears of laughter725 tickle torture2202 tickling4306 underhoof46717


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
I think this is the most adorable piece of tickle art I've seen so far! :D They're ticklish expressions are just so cute! I wanna tickle their tummies and their little hoofsies! <3