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NOTE: I did not make this. All credit goes to the original artist.

Don't worry Sweetie. There are two other Crusaders ready to rescue you…..Unless they got caught by the other two Sirens…..

Hmm, the math is not in your favor…..

Let me know what you guys think!
safe1587334 artist:bugssonicx71 aria blaze9165 sweetie belle46657 equestria girls183055 blouse511 bondage30736 boots19303 bound and gagged524 carrying2018 cloth gag1336 clothes415105 cute181385 disguise4044 disguised siren508 duo50670 female1224084 femsub9316 gag13221 hairclip960 headband3101 jacket11032 kidnapped712 pants12570 pigtails4042 rope10381 scared9440 shirt21714 shoes31059 skirt36188 smiling218395 smirk11151 socks57720 submissive13878 sweetiesub69 tied up5137 twintails1526 walking4204


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Background Pony #2E4D
Hey Aria, don't forget to smack that cute ass of hers a few times while you have her over your shoulder.