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Another month, another commission!

Twilight Sparkle's back. Quite literally. XD

But yeah, anyway, the commissioner asked for Twilight to be spanked in a nightie and stockings and so here she is, stuck in the corner.

Based off of this pic:
suggestive129395 artist:midday sun121 sci-twi22359 twilight sparkle284740 equestria girls182110 alternate hairstyle24810 blushing178006 blushing profusely1609 clothes414271 commission53823 crying40511 glasses55494 lingerie9647 nightgown1310 pajamas2991 panties46417 panties around legs2198 panties pulled down3523 pouting1863 pouty lips31 spanked224 spanking2465 stockings28998 teary eyes3372 thigh highs28890 underwear55726


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