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Originally posted on: Apr 20, 2020
A sketch I did of the mane six. Figured I’d try my hand at a different drawing style. #mlp #TwilightSparkle #Fluttershy #Rarity #Applejack #RainbowDash #PinkiePie #manesix
safe1583428 artist:pearl123_art49 applejack159585 fluttershy199399 pinkie pie204102 rainbow dash220557 rarity170755 twilight sparkle283353 pony854070 blue background4147 bust41898 cute180560 eye clipping through hair4215 eyes closed81087 female1179707 lineart18924 looking at you147213 mane six29631 mare425587 open mouth124845 portrait28616 profile5557 simple background347896


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