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A reqest for Lightning Chaser to react to luna growth.

OG video:

Can you see what I changed in the videos
suggestive129593 artist:acid flask72 princess luna94501 oc613828 oc:king lightning chaser4 pony857253 3d64124 animated92731 butt29799 butt expansion1019 canterlot castle1803 ethereal mane6764 ethereal tail237 expansion737 featureless crotch6275 folded wings4700 giant alicorn98 giant pony4599 glowing horn16935 growth5147 horn45146 large butt13251 large wings1461 lidded eyes26429 macro10776 magic66620 mega luna106 moonbutt3008 no sound3352 open mouth125146 plot71696 ponies riding ponies2099 riding5185 sfm pony497 size difference12845 smiling218762 source filmmaker38911 starry hair74 starry mane3462 teleportation594 tongue out92080 webm10445 wing growth11 wings79223


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