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safe1590369 artist:donmarcino23 edit119724 editor:michaelsety120 rainbow dash221015 trixie62800 human144253 equestria girls182270 alternate costumes1498 alternate hairstyle24844 babysitter trixie373 belly button68612 breasts243662 buckball fan gear rainbow dash19 cleavage31062 clothes414748 exhausted419 female934307 gameloft4439 gameloft interpretation186 grass8328 hoodie12484 human coloration4480 humanized94983 jacket11000 midriff18346 open clothes2424 open mouth125146 open shirt1113 pants12547 pigtails4019 ponytail15867 race track108 running5330 shoes30966 shorts12401 sky12059 sleeveless3213 sneakers4712 socks57497 sports bra2703 sports shoes23 sports shorts887 stars13722 sweatpants256 tracksuit216 twintails1503 zipper687


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6 comments posted

Yep, I utterly love Trixie, but giving her a new look and declaring her a 'baby sitter' is equally hilarious to me as them making her a Guidance Counselor.

Again, she is my favorite character, but damn do the writers like giving her roles that will never end well.

Honestly what does Trixie even have to do with babysitting? I mean they could've made AJ or Fluttershy babysitters, you know ponies with actual experience with foals. But nah lets have the pony that would make the worst babysitter ever do that. The foals will be totally fine and she will totally not do something idiotic that will scar them for life.