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They stepped on the grass together, they get tied and humiliated together~

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suggestive129793 artist:fetishsketches638 starlight glimmer44609 trixie62902 anthro233914 plantigrade anthro27962 barefoot25039 bondage30736 bound together520 clothes415098 collar29253 feet35677 female1224073 floppy ears46597 gag13221 horn47754 horn ring5059 humiliation1948 linked collars128 magic suppression3583 nose piercing2349 park919 piercing35652 public humiliation458 ring2351 shoes31057 sock gag17 socks57720 sweat23454 toe ring500 toe tied454 toes5588


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I bet they wished they weren't stuffed in their mouths lol.

@Background Pony #AAC8
Well yeah it's a punishment, they're not supposed to like it! That's why they're left bound and barefoot there, with lil ants and bugs crawling on their feets.

I just added mostly random chars for the bg (as it was pretty hard to fill and color, couldn't do them all individually), a friend mentioned the top left girl kinda looks like Moondancer.

@Silver Bristle
It's a single nose ring going through their noses and keeping their snoots firmly pressed together. Severely restricts their head movements in combination with the collar and the horn contraption, makes breathing weird as they exhale on each other's nose (since their mouths are sock-stuffed :3) and most importantly forces them to face each other all the time, unable to turn around and take a better look at who's staring or what people are doing around them. They can only get some glimpses of what's going on. I think this is even better than fully blindfolding them, since being locked facing each other in their public predicament will get pretty intense pretty soon. You can see that Starlight is already having trouble with Trixie's annoyed gaze! Just having a face so close to yours is intense, more so if the position is enforced with bondage.

@Background Pony #DD4F
@Background Pony #DD4F
I don't really know if they can sneeze since they are gagged, I think it will stop on reflex. It would be absolutely irritating tho, their noses itching and burning and they would just have to blow them through the ring on each other's face to get any relief. Yeah that's pretty evil 👀
Background Pony #AAC8
Do they like being barefoot on grass? If not, they wouldn’t like it here.
Background Pony #DD4F
They’re bound at the noses too….sooooo what happens if one of them sneezes?