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safe1590368 artist:andypriceart2966 idw14311 applejack160219 big macintosh27014 bon bon15738 capper dapperpaws1457 discord28970 fluttershy199682 lyra heartstrings28135 pinkie pie204860 princess cadance30586 rainbow dash221015 rarity171093 rockhoof988 spike75357 star swirl the bearded1872 stygian700 sunburst5929 sweetie drops15738 twilight sparkle284985 abyssinian1129 alicorn198399 draconequus9303 dragon49000 earth pony204470 pegasus245251 unicorn271904 spoiler:comic10108 spoiler:comic8934 preview1902 season 1076 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116334


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Background Pony #BFA6
Starlight isnt in this comic because she is probably busy at the School of Friendship because she, along with Sunburst and Trixie, were given control of the School after Twilight steps down as headmare for her coronation.
Background Pony #A345
Obviously not, I was only joking about the idea of Starlight returning to her villainous ways as a revenge against the writers. ;D
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@Background Pony #E642
Busy or not, I really hope the writers aren't scared shitless to include Starlight in fear of her haters coming at them. I think it is time for Starlight to shine again in the comics, regardless of what the haters think.
Background Pony #0817
Twi…Twilight, you do realise who you're giving the honors to right?

Starswirl has about as many IQ points as Patrick…hell, Patrick was smart at times…
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Well, yes, Lyra is Twilight's best friend according to her. Now that I think about it, why did she leave the group of Twilight's OG friends?

That's what I meant, it's just that the duo keeps vehemently denying it, even from Twilight.
Background Pony #D485
Eh. Its not even the ship for me mostly. I’m just tired of writers using AJ and RY interactions for content. Like, we get it. They’re opposites but still friends with each other. EQG universe really went overboard with it at the end and it was almost like they forgot those two had other friends they could interact with. Glad to hear the comic isn’t going down that road.