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ATG Day 28: Redraw an older picture using what you've learned.

So, this is a re-draw of day 14 challenge (Draw a pony telling a ghost story.). Ghost stories can be frightening, but if you can bring your own special effects…

Easier to do this with a tablet. Still some serious problems, but it still looks better. Learned more about putting together small comics in this time, including more visual cues to what's going on. Still ran out of time working on this (and curse you hands!)
safe1586133 artist:termyotter12 gallus5886 ocellus4597 sandbar4688 silverstream5326 smolder6728 yona4506 changedling7349 changeling40716 classical hippogriff4483 dragon48769 earth pony202883 griffon25029 hippogriff8397 pony853656 werewolf600 wolf1422 yak3889 bow24575 cloven hooves8997 colored hooves4853 dragoness6830 faint379 female908931 fire10143 hair bow13476 jewelry51837 male308699 monkey swings1219 necklace15499 shapeshifting261 simple background348529 student six1436 teenager4361 white background88173


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