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"What the hell, Quakehoof? Why isn't she all tied up as per standard protocol?"

Okay, so, yesterday I went to the beach for the first time in almost 20 years (17 give or take, 2003 was kind of a very unhappy blur, but I digress.) and as I was floating there in the peaceful waters of the Atlantic, I started thinking of pretty girls. One of them, you guessed it — Princess Luna. Getting out of the water, fixing her hair, and dripping with water. I live, like, five minutes from the beach, so you never know if I might get another idea in my head for another beach girl.

I did all this in one sitting. I am particularly proud of this one. Especially how wet I made Luna look. I struggled a bit with the ocean at her hooves, but I powered through it.
suggestive129378 artist:quakehoof393 princess luna94121 anthro232999 arm behind head5474 belly button68621 bikini16323 breasts244906 busty princess luna6195 cleavage31290 clothes413467 dripping4635 eyes closed81086 female1179698 happy27961 ocean5538 ripples33 smiling217464 swimsuit25566 two piece swimsuit22 water11605 water drops21 wave399 wet7210


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She looks absolutely amazing.

Am agreeing, the water effects on her body are wonderfull and the details of her wings are lovely.

If going to the beach gives you such inspiration, the you should go more often =)