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Days has gone by & still waiting for any Equestria Girls news from @Hasbro.



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Personally I do hope for at least some confirmation if EQG has ended or will continue. I really like sunset, she my favorite charecter.

And if it does stop, then I do hope SS be in G5 or something. I do look forward what G5 will bring, but G4 and EQG will always remain special to me.
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Are you even remotely familiar with this guy's work?
All he ever does is whine about Equestria Girls not coming back, even though the series is pretty much over, and makes failed petitions and spams comments across the broad to bring it back, when in actuality, its over and finished. And when people try to talk any sense into him, he just blatantly ignores them. He literally says losing EQG is worse than the current pandemic we are currently in, or something along the lines of that.
And all this just to feed his foot fetish no less. I bet he doesn't actually care about the series, he just wants foot pics is all.
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Actually Katrina was disgusted when one of them ask for tickled scenes and telling the guy keep your horny off my TL
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Also, are you seriously in Twitter? You better not start harassing show staff just to get your precious feet. Just give up. Like, now.
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Today in another edition of Sonic Ranger Can't Fucking Let Go And Accept That Some Things Must Come To An End

Hopefully we'll see some more EQG's, but I dunno. It's just a bit strange in the sense that it didn't have any type of finale. Just kinda disappeared. Kind of reminds me of shows that get one season and then suddenly they are gone with no explanation.

Just gotta wait to see what's up with the gen 5 and if it is any good. Tried Pony Life, but between the artstyle and the lack of any explanation on wth is happening half the time in the first two episodes I just gave up on it.
Lord You Know Who
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I don't give a flying fuck if the reboot is or isn't "trendy". I just want to know SOMETHING about it.

Honestly, this is 2018 all over again: you ask info about Endgame on the internet, and you are greeted with a shitton of "THANOS DID NOTHING WRONG!" and "EVERYONE WILL STAY DEAD BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO STAY DEAD!", and zero actual info on Endgame.
Lord You Know Who
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@Background Pony #D81F


This bullshit is what I'm talking about. Instead of looking forwards, we keep looking back. G4 is in its final legs. G5 is the future, and I want to know more about it.

In any case, Pony Life and the Season 10 comics should tide you over if you want more G4 stuff before September 2021. Watch Pony Life and read the Season 10 comics instead of clinging onto Equestria Girls' corpse.
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I mean we still don’t have info on if equestria girls will continue or not
Lord You Know Who
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In a sort of related tangent, I'm frustated about the lack of G5 info.

Everything is either fanart, or whining about G4 ending. But no actual info (beyond "it will start with the 2021 theatrical movie" and "Tara Strong won't be part of it").

Who are the main characters gonna be? Who is gonna voice them? What is the plot of the pilot movie gonna be? After the pilot movie finishes its theatrical run, when will the show proper premiere?

I want info, facts. Not fanart, not "G4 will continue just because I want it to continue".
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Guys, it's over. Normally when an TV studios makes an new TV show based on the series with an 'different animation style' it usually means that they're done with the 'old animation style'.

And fim and Equestria Girls shares the same 'animation style'.

Fim ending and no more new Equestria Girls specials should've been an warning to you guys that Hasbro is done with that animation style.

Sorry, but it's over. Equestria Girls isn't coming back.