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suggestive129544 anonymous artist2352 maud pie11787 mudbriar729 earth pony205332 pony855383 /mlp/9189 blue underwear2224 chemistry306 chemistry joke43 clothes414166 cummingtonite12 dialogue59518 drawthread2183 female1184935 frilly underwear4118 lidded eyes27142 male324331 maudbriar233 panties46239 presenting21782 requested art1179 rock pun98 shipping184372 simple background348595 skirt36104 stockings28937 straight122176 thigh highs29038 underwear55629 unshorn fetlocks21779 upskirt5377


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Background Pony #8459
Colonel John Cummings held land in what was then the colony of Massachusetts that was first settled in 1762 as the town of Cummington. 62 years later, a new mineral was discovered there.

No one knew what they had unleashed on the world.