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【小马塔罗牌】NO.3 女皇(音韵×虫茧)虫茧那部分加了个黑晶王,音韵那部分加了闪耀盔甲和小兵甲乙(已经忙到忘记发图w(゚Д゚)w)
#小马宝莉# #彩虹小马# #绘画#
safe1723896 artist:animesoul55 king sombra14036 princess cadance32735 queen chrysalis35092 shining armor23342 horse3294 human156406 anthro263865 equestria girls202790 armor24017 chrysombra260 elf ears1950 female1378627 fight6204 horn70153 horned humanization6826 humanized100742 knight1012 male378986 shipping202389 straight138012 sword11784 tarot card670 weapon30849 winged humanization8761 wings110769


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