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Nightlight is a very powerful unicorn, yet she has special needs. She has Unicorn Syndrome, the pony equivalent of Asperger’s Syndrome. Nightlight performs great at math, science, and casting “spells”. But she’s had a hard time understanding why anyone needs friends.

White Night is Nightlight's big brother. Up to now, he has been one of few to win her affection. His sister has been prone to meltdowns, and she can suffer sensory overload in noisy or crowded environments. Wherever she feels the situation is out of her control, she might literally explode in anger or fear.

White Night has been like a guardian angel for his sister. When she gets out of control, he can contain the damage. Nightlight has often been a nightmare to raise. But somehow, she's becoming her brother’s dream come true!

White Night tells his sister that the world was created for friendship. He says friendship is the meaning of life. Nightlight finds a great sense of security with her brother. The world of friendship can feel messy and out of control. The safety she finds with her brother will give her the courage to face this fear.

As Nightlight learns how to bond with others, she learns that social skills are not nearly as natural as they’re cracked up to be. She finds that social skills are not something people are born with after all. They are not learned in a vacuum — they are learned from interacting with other people.

With the right attitude, Nightlight finds that Unicorn Syndrome does not have to be her limiting factor. Her brother was born with exceptional emotional intelligence. But she can build her own with practice. Her talents in academics can be easily applied to the science and art of friendship.

With these advantages, Unicorn Syndrome does not have to be a handicap. Instead — it can be a different vantage point for understanding the world of friendship!


(C) and (TM) M. Wayne Howell (me). Drawn by mr-tiaa. Final poster compiled by me.

Starponys: Crowns of Friendship / Friends with Unicorn Syndrome © and ™ of M. Wayne Howell (, along with all characters therein.

Slackey Pro © Font Diner –
Pony © RodrigoTypo –


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safe1583436 artist:mr-tiaa107 artist:starponys8720 oc607061 oc:nightlight29 oc:nightlight sparkleheart13 oc:white night92 oc:white night shiningheart7 unicorn272718 affection137 agent20 angry24327 asperger's syndrome33 autism155 bbbff172 best friends608 best friends forever15 bff45 big brother51 book30716 burning565 clothes413474 crying40142 fire10185 geek17 glasses55033 glowing eyes9965 glowing horn16946 horn47161 hug25427 james bond177 little sister70 love4447 meganekki1 meltdown10 messy hair802 messy mane7148 nerd807 nuzzles97 nuzzling3660 parody15223 secret agent37 shipping184140 sleeping21742 spy1108 stars13801 suit5149 tuxedo1264 unicorn oc4193


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@Mellow Rhythm
Actually, same here. I discovered her the day before and I discovered you yesterday on that image of her OC sleeping, when you were talking about the kinds of music you like to listen to.
Speaking of which, I love jazz, and I own a record player with a bunch of records (along with cassette tapes and CDs). I am a huge music buff, especially for classic rock, jazz, and blues
Artist -

Friends with Autism
I really appreciate your support!

I believe I've found that AS is even more overlooked with girls. The symptoms may not be as obvious. With Nightlight, the symptoms are probably more obvious than with most girls. (She can feel like a tomboy, yet she is proud to be a girl!)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

As an Aspbergian, I wholeheartedly approve of this. Great job ponifying this frequent mental disorder that largely gets overlooked by society.