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???: Got everything in the van?
???: Don't forget the sewing machine
Rarity: MMMMHHHH!!!!

What can I say, not everyone has helpful pets
Right, Twilight?

suggestive129536 artist:bugssonicx71 opalescence1997 rarity170944 cat5499 human144271 equestria girls182725 angry24359 arm behind back5077 bondage30651 bound and gagged521 bound wrists198 cloth gag1333 female1184884 femsub9242 gag13190 high heels9650 muffled words323 rarisub405 shoes30977 struggling886 submissive13773 tied up5129


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Background Pony #B1B9
…and just as the intruders think they've made a clean escape, Opalescence goes into action, a whirling dervish of claws and fury that takes down the perpetrators in seconds!

Ah, who am I kidding? She slept right through the whole damn thing.
Background Pony #929C
Me: sees the theives taking all of Rarity's belongings and takes defensive action via a gun Drop the sewing machine!

Theives: throw their hands up

Thief 1: We were just kidding!

Me: Likely story! Get down on the ground!

Thief 2; Never!

Me: NOW!

Theives: get down on the ground in fear

Me: Now stay there! calls the police Alright, stay there until the police arrive! And don't EVEN think about running! goes inside the boutique Rarity?

Rarity: MMMHHH!

Me: finds Rarity tied up Rarity! ungags her and unties her You ok?

Rarity: Yes, darling, thanks!

Me: I got the crooks on the ground outside!

Rarity: Excellent! I can encase them in my diamond sheids!

We both run outside and Rarity encases theives in her diamond sheids

Rarity: You ruffians just messed with the wrong lady!

The police arrive

Police Officer 1: We'll take them from here. Thanks for your help!

Rarity: No problem!

Me: Anytime, officer!

Police Officer 2: Glad to hear it!