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safe1583430 artist:thehuskylord115 artist:tjpones3233 edit119325 applejack159585 bright mac1146 pear butter2483 twilight sparkle283353 alicorn198942 earth pony204843 pony854072 comic:fillies8 applebetes101 bed36834 blank flank7059 breakfast343 cereal532 crayon424 crayon drawing229 cute180560 dialogue59474 displeased140 drawing4080 eating8760 female1179706 filly59746 food62004 forever alone244 freckles25310 grayscale35175 heart43475 implied good clean married sex7 implied sex5337 innocent342 innocent innuendo68 innuendo1288 jackabetes5208 look of disapproval71 mare425588 meme78947 monochrome142809 picture1159 picture frame697 ponut38793 sexually oblivious117 spoon1243 tooth gap159 traditional art109142 twilight is not amused1260 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115984 unamused14063 weapons-grade cute3277 younger15533 ಠಠ3


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Turns out that applejack's picture was accurate, as Bright mac and Pear Butter enjoyed jumping on the bed as a means of foreplay.

A fact Twilight is aware thanks to a use of the flashback potion.