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I'm still of the opinion that Rarity is a descendant of Princess Platinum ;-)

One of the many reasons why the recton of The Journal of the Two Sisters angers me to this day.
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True, sadly.
She is a pony born of Ponyville…or perhaps a Manehattan pony raised in Ponyville, so she would have gone to a Ponyville school sadly.
If she did, I would say her Mentor would be Luna since they seem to have a good connection literally throughout the Universes.

But I believe my little fan-theory stops there, for her to be a Ruler means giving up her passion and in MLP I believe a passion for talent is their Lifebread. I believe she would have refused, or have become a reluctant Princess. But who knows.
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Unfortunately for her, she can't since she didn't meet these following standards:
1. Attend School for Gifted Unicorns. (Rarity didn't attend this place)
2. She must have a teacher who's an alicorn and must earn her wings later on. (Rarity never had a mentor)
3. Rule Equestria after Celestia (Rarity didn't become an alicorn).
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Peace to all

Under what basis? For example, Rarity would seem more vulnerable to the upper class shooty ponies that Celestia has to deal with, though she usually did do the right thing in the end and possibly could be more resistant or confrontational. Not sure if that would help her rule though as those ponies I assume have power for a reason.