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…when the pony woke up, her hair was missing, and the stylist was never heard from again!

Anyway, that’s how I lost my cosmetology license.


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

"…Vhen the pony woke up, her hair vas missing, and ze stylist vaz never heard from again!"
"Anyway, zat’s how I lost my beautifying license – ! Opal; no! It’s filthy in zere! Cats…" Rummage "Now, most hair follicles couldn’t vithstand zis concentration of shampoo, but your hair – !"
[Hair falls off]
"What’s that smell?"
"Ze smell of progress, Princess."
[Opens cabinet, revealing Blueblood’s head and spare Princess hair]*
"Kiss me."
"Later – Vere vas I – ah, here ve go! Come on, come on, come on… HAHAHAHA – GAHAHAHAHA – MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
**[Princess Hair is put on Cadance’s head]

"Oh, zat looks good."
"Should I be awake for this?"
"No, but since you are, could you just move your – UGH – HORN!"
"Don’t be such a baby, horns grow back." Whispers to Opal "No-zey-don’t."
[Cadance’s hair is patched up in a botched do-job reminiscent of failed SSJ3 Cosplayers]
"So what happens now?"
[Brohoof Happens]
[Evil look]
"…Let’s go practice cosmetics."
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Background Pony #9FA2
"And zen zhe vas chosen by Photo Finizh…!"
both laughs then silence around the room for a moment
"Zat’s how I lost my way to fashion stardom."
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