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safe1677502 artist:uotapo931 adagio dazzle12671 aria blaze9599 sonata dusk13301 sunset shimmer61795 equestria girls196372 equestria girls series32173 adoragio459 age regression1386 ariabetes366 babysitting198 bench2453 child1962 children108 cute195493 eating9416 eyes closed90178 female1337238 food68305 geode of empathy3003 kid48 magical geodes8597 mama sunset15 open mouth140261 park1023 park bench101 shimmerbetes4299 sitting61457 sonatabetes1127 sonataco698 taco1313 that girl sure loves tacos126 the dazzlings4254 tree31400 uotapo is trying to murder us174 weapons-grade cute3615 younger16989


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The Student Six ages have always been somewhat nebulous from what I know as Sandbar is closer in size to the average full grown stallion, Smolder has already has wings which is part of Dragon Puberty and we have no clue how long ago she went through that but she can't be that much younger than Garble as she did witness him getting kicked out, and we have No Clue about Changeling ages.

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You're right. But he also have some NSFW pictures with Smolder and Ocellus. I'm not sure if say those pictures could fit in the loli genere, because they're antrophomorpic, not humans like here. I guess is beacuse the Patreon politics about the lolis.

Uotapo's NSFW Versions of stuff does not seem to include Lolis. They made a pic of Equestria Girls Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Cozy Glow and Loli Chrysalis and there has been no signs of lewd versions of it.
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Para los otros sitios que no sea Derpibooru es obvio que si, lo malo es el virus que los atacantes crean en las imágenes para arruinar el dispositivo de uno
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Thread Starter - Ends begins with word game

Adagio: "Mama, Aria wants you to come to her softball game Monday"

Sonata: nom nom nom

Aria: "Dagi! I told you I didn't want to bother mama with it!"

Sunset: "Aww Aria sweetie of course I will come!"
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Dudo que lo haga el, como no son imágenes de su Patreon que esta en "DNP" es lógico que las demás imágenes que no tiene su Patreon el si deja que cualquier editor edite las imágenes "No Patreon", eso sí ☝ Derpibooru no permite el contenido loli porque no está permitido