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Waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain for the bus,
waiting for the bus in the rain
I don’t know how to draw rain properly, it’d seems :^
safe1973274 artist:kumakum205 fluttershy238377 moondancer5567 pegasus407473 pony1325354 unicorn447269 2 panel comic2391 bus stop148 chest fluff53434 clothes559982 comic123986 cute236621 duo118411 ear fluff41743 female1605076 folded wings12961 friendshipping646 glowing horn25524 horn117538 magic86580 mare619297 mouth hold21240 outdoors16068 rain7059 raised hoof59968 shyabetes17011 sitting78790 smiling331764 sweater17353 sweet dreams fuel1885 telekinesis34291 umbrella3225 wings175482 yellow skin156


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