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Artist's Description

"Reeeege. I need a little help with my sunscreen."

Indigo's out for some fun in the sun and requires a little help putting on sunblock from Rege

The hat helps a little more with keeping Indigo's sensitive eyes safe from sunlight. She just wants to enjoy the beach. (She doesn't where sunglasses cuz, like all her other glasses, she loses them too easily XD)
suggestive135087 artist:blackblood-queen1182 oc641933 oc only426298 oc:indigo rose37 bat pony46219 anthro245302 anthro oc28858 bat pony oc15682 bat wings8274 beach13982 big breasts75808 bikini17065 breasts260357 clothes434922 digital art15827 female1303719 hat81643 milf8956 solo1018923 solo female173793 swimsuit26692 veil824 wings92643


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