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Dashie looks so exhausted after several minutes of attempts to break out of her encasement.. But her fate is sealed… in latex ~
suggestive140702 artist:severity-gray92 rainbow dash231889 pegasus284741 pony949777 bondage33143 collar32505 doll5946 dollified163 encasement1460 exhausted462 female1346112 glossy34 high res26694 hooves17660 inanimate tf1546 latex11506 latex suit3418 latexified16 lying down16095 panting2871 prone25186 rubber1570 rubber suit383 shiny2323 simple background387159 solo1051640 submissive16403 tight clothing2484 toy21818 transformation10584 transparent background199738 trapped810 wings103574


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

I'm still picturing Fluttershy trying to break down the door when she finds out about this.

She didn't learn to be assertive to NOT demand to be a permanently sealed latex doll.