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Big thanks to everyone who suggested stuff to add to this. I want to hope I won't need to revise it in the coming days but it'll be Derpi exclusive until things settle down more. Y'all need to lighten up about this whole mess.

Also as an enlightened centrist who only wants to grill and look at ponies, I am legally immune to criticism so I'd better see only sunshine and rainbows in that comments section. 😏

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safe1583420 artist:pirill297 derpibooru exclusive24422 blossomforth1352 derpy hooves48135 fluttershy199399 lyra heartstrings28036 pinkie pie204102 princess skystar1806 rarity170755 screw loose540 trixie62779 zecora8801 oc607056 oc:aryanne3106 oc:dyx86 oc:fidget38 oc:filly anon2427 oc:nyx2118 oc:raptorshy44 oc:star farer21 oc:tracy cage336 oc:veronika123 alicorn198941 bird6941 dinosaur960 earth pony204842 frog572 pegasus246212 pony854066 seapony (g4)3732 unicorn272717 velociraptor248 zebra15799 derpibooru6845 the end of derpibooru72 my little pony: pony life3939 my little pony: the movie18021 abandoned226 apocalypse277 backstab32 bait231 banner1849 barbeque78 big brain8 biplane41 blimp351 bone2662 borgarposting35 budgett's frog5 burger1636 burning565 bus545 carrot1916 carrot dog75 circling stars412 city3750 cloud27680 clover461 clown687 clown nose284 clown wig24 colored17752 colored pupils8740 communism737 crazy face873 cutie mark41906 derail7 destruction1335 disembodied hoof99 dizzy668 do not post stickers1 dystopia54 eyepatch2617 faic11440 featured image791 female1179701 fidget spinner94 filly59746 fire10185 fishing hook35 flag3480 flag pole109 food62004 four leaf clover371 freeze peach3 frown21514 frozen300 furaffinity62 furbooru6 furbooru logo1 gak396 glowing horn16946 grill106 grill boomer4 ground83 happy27961 hay burger542 head up butt73 herbivore404 high res22348 hook256 horn47159 horseshoe theory3 horseshoes2034 ice1112 ice cube90 implied fallout equestria3 insanity2478 instagram439 jar930 juice1207 juice box890 knife4814 knocked out77 lewd container meme105 logo3335 lyra plushie259 magic66403 magic aura3145 male309074 mare425581 meta16096 missile255 mr. bones49 mr. bones' wild ride30 nuclear weapon224 open mouth124843 passed out210 peach118 penetration50155 pillowfort8 plane2509 plushie22107 political compass22 ponerpics7 ponybooru11 poster4914 qr code143 rainbooru8 raised hoof39283 reaction image9206 rollercoaster36 router25 rubble164 ruined city4 ruins1110 server58 shamrock39 signature19594 skeleton1701 sky12166 skyscraper217 smiling217465 smoke2332 sockpuppet6 solo focus15268 spoon1243 stallion93959 standing10471 telekinesis24786 text51842 the ride never ends287 this is bait76 this will end in death2133 twitter3153 twitter logo8 unamused14063 unconscious442 underhoof46673 unnamed character447 unnamed pony1928 vegetables110 veloshyraptor46 wall of tags2514 weapon27579 wings80674 youtube link4640


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I was a Brony before I was a Furry. G1 fan.

Fizzy's mah waifu don't @ me

EDIT: Also, Centrism is the radical idea that both Right and Left have good things to bring to the table. This is why Extreme Right and Extreme Left both hate us for refusing to completely eject the side they don't like from the discussion.

Sunset is Best Girl

Damn, you must have really missed the point of my comments if your main take away was that I speak any language other then English. I’d say you did this because of ignorance, but that would be claiming I have some knowledge of your motivations.

And claiming I know a persons reasons for saying something a certain way, well that would be really stupid of me to do. Especially if I’m claiming to know this about a complete stranger.