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Background Pony #E211
I love it! I’m a huge shipper of SpikeXRarity and love humiliation he gets, its kinda fun, play I dream of Jennie theme during the Spike Abuse vid. ;)
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Background Pony #DAFD
@Background Pony #8595
Because he always makes things worse and he never helps. I can't think of the last time he was "essential" for a problem. Throughout the show, he has been a lazy, whiny, and an overall unbearable character. He thinks he's so cool because of the fact that he's gone on ONE Friendship Mission and also because he inadvertently saved the Crystal Empire, only for him to screw it over the next season.
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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
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@Background Pony #7253
I love both characters and ship them together! She’s rubbing her face on his in this scene and I thought it was really hot how nervous he was, while she was getting so close and romantic with him, because he was dating another chick and didn’t want her to know! So hot!!! ;)
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Background Pony #7253
You say relate to him but I see Rarity as your image pic, not Spike. So you're heavy invested in Rarity and Rarity's connection to Spike is implied in the show to be romantic/strong friendship. Surely I shouldn't put one and one together and get the obvious true motive here.
Background Pony #C096
I am a Spike fan and still i dont see much of him in the new show. there are just ponies, dragon? yeah thank you. its like he is a friend of a friend here, mostly with Twilight who was like his sister.
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Or spike just doesn't have enough screen time to deserve his own separate best of video.
The video is called Spike and the pets not just the pets
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Background Pony #8595
‘Spike is a pet’ tag

You made a whole new tag. Just for this. Useraccount strikes again.
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