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An animated edit of >>788798 that I downloaded from DeviantArt some time ago, but cannot find the link to now, nor recall the editor's username.
source needed14809 safe1707105 artist:zigword160 edit132560 princess luna99163 alicorn224552 bird8268 pony968218 :o3751 absurd file size959 airship945 animated98666 balcony1410 beautiful5580 blushing197759 bridge1155 circling16 cute199890 editor needed82 female1363709 gif31058 grass9692 leaning3613 looking up16486 lunabetes3548 mare480939 mountain5119 ocean6513 open mouth145958 rain6083 river1962 road860 s1 luna7284 scenery8037 scenery porn846 shore129 sky14160 sweet dreams fuel1598 tower411 tree32262 unknown editor6 vine1290 water13270 waterfall1685 wave447 wind1197


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