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I keep mastering the shine and different clothes. I love how this fabulous look came out. Enjoy.
suggestive143089 artist:severity-gray113 oc684924 oc only448944 oc:coldlight bluestar100 pony968046 unicorn323574 absurd resolution66235 clothes459765 collar33148 corset4334 cutie mark47734 eyeshadow15621 feather5902 feather boa164 hood1305 horn67325 latex11726 latex boots564 latex socks2175 latex suit3491 lipstick11144 makeup21479 ponytail17895 posture collar158 rubber1614 seductive2233 seductive look1298 seductive pose1676 shiny2387 simple background393579 smiling248596 socks66343 solo1064524 squeaky42 transparent background202416 trousers168


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