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"Pony eats the boigah!"

Based off >>2142831, because I was bored.
safe1676203 artist:deserter142 derpibooru exclusive27652 twilight sparkle296641 alicorn218646 pony938869 borgarposting36 burger1803 cheese744 cheeseburger108 cute195288 desaturated134 eating9406 female1336127 food68232 hamburger588 lazy225 lettuce136 looking down8476 lying down15403 mare466253 meat1838 on side6602 pillow17435 ponies eating meat963 sketch61665 solo1043707 sweet dreams fuel1472 that pony sure does love burgers211 tomato348 tongue out100954 twiabetes11487 twilight burgkle505 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122111 wing hold371


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