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i had a ton of fun playing with the manes! :'D
safe1750010 artist:junko120 derpibooru exclusive29304 princess celestia96745 princess luna100769 alicorn232821 pony1010082 arm fluff89 aura889 big ears1177 bipedal36197 chest fluff41172 colored lineart81 cute205642 cutelestia3669 digital art20138 duo64696 duo female11920 ear fluff31168 ethereal mane8460 eyelashes12303 female1401480 full body2345 glowing4637 gradient background13391 lunabetes3636 magic75372 magic aura4644 paint tool sai1109 profile6280 profile view52 rearing5865 royal sisters4600 royalty1257 shiny2546 simple background408964 space mane10 sparkles4800 spread wings57034 standing12875 standing up261 starry mane4552 wings123023


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