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An alt to my Fourth of July Picture this year.

The more I worked on this years picture, adding in characters and fleshing out the setting, the more it started to look like a postcard to me and at some point I just decided to make it into one. Just adding text to it would have felt a little too lazy and I came up with it being pinned to a bulletin board. Of course then I need to come up with some more stuff to be pinned to the board and that's how I ended up with those embarrassing photos of Big Mac and Fluttershy.

You can find the textless, non-tilted, full screen version of this year's 4th of July picture here:

I did have an alternate version of this with Fluttershy and Big Mac communicating with each other through some post-it notes on the board, but it was starting to get distracting and a little visually cluttered.

Mac's note:
Mon. Eye Doc. Big Mac 1 PM
Tues. Dentist. Flutter 11 AM

Shy's Note:
Um… Maybe you could take my dentist appointment and I could to the optometrist instead?

Mac's Second Note:

Shy's Second Note:
safe1654065 anonymous artist2594 apple bloom48255 applejack165621 big macintosh27599 boulder (pet)1265 cookie crumbles992 fluttershy207136 hondo flanks517 maud pie12228 pinkie pie211119 rainbow dash228065 rarity177204 scootaloo50356 smarty pants1470 spike77121 sweetie belle48037 tank2693 trixie65632 twilight sparkle293590 alicorn214333 bee1003 earth pony229609 insect1586 pegasus271641 unicorn301849 series:fm holidays139 4th of july359 bee beard7 bridal carry347 cannonball62 carrot2019 carrot dog79 carrying2132 cheering773 clothes440973 corkboard7 cutie mark crusaders18676 diving board44 fan802 fanning79 female1317718 filly63646 fireworks1910 fluttermac2807 food66897 grill113 hawaiian shirt418 holiday19586 hoof hold7943 inner tube603 lineless3640 lounge chair131 male355810 mane seven6309 mane six31071 mare456336 no pupils3810 nose in the air1192 polaroid172 pool party69 postcard208 shipping193524 shirt23460 sleeping22735 stallion102208 straight131371 sunglasses13845 swimming pool2560 swimsuit27040 tanning mirror55 thumb tack2 trenchcoat586 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120790 underhoof49693 volumetric mouth601 wet mane5068


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