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Demanded by https://blues-eyes.deviantart.com/ xD

Somber Moon as a Breezie
and she is none to pleased about it

Both me and her worked out a little scenario to go along with this. Her character Stellar Moon is Somber Moon's sister.

Stellar Moon: ''Can I try a spell out on you?''
Somber Moon: ''What kind of spell?''
Stellar: ''You'll see'' Horn starts to glow
Somber: ''What the fuck are you gonna do to me"
Stellar: "You'll see''

Changes Somber into a Breezie

Somber: ''STELLAR! %#&$#&(@$&#&!!!!''
Stellar: ''Your so CUTE!''
Somber: ''Shut up''
Somber: ''Would you stop freaking out and change me back to normal already…''


Somber Moon© https://twiilightessence.deviantart.com/
Dolling by TwiilightEssence 2014
Base by iVuiAdopts


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