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Prepare yourself for an extremely long bio

Name: Nova Star Sparkle
Nicknames: Nova
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Mate: Xipilli
Offspring: Quetzalli
Father: Flash Sentry
Mother: Twilight Sparkle
Sibling: Crescendo
Role: Element of Bravery, Captain of the Royal Guard, Princess

- Nova is the second born and only daughter of Twilight Sparkle and first and only child of Flash Sentry. Twilight's second pregnancy went smoother than her first and Nova was born on time, healthy and strong. She was spoiled by not only her parents but also other ponies around her, the spotlight always on her. She could tell Crescendo didn't enjoy having her around or even like her all that much but she still tried to be friends with him.

- When Nova reached the age where fillies began to try and find where they fit in the world, she was gifted a blue star charm by her mother, that was reminiscent of the Element of Magic that Twilight wielded. The necklace became her most prized possession.

- As she got older Nova began to show a lot of interest in the royal guard. She went on patrols with her dad when she could, even snuck out to follow him sometimes, though she got caught most of the time. When summers rolled around she was enrolled in a royal guard day camp up in Canterlot and she loved every minute of it and even earned her cutie mark there.

- By the time she was old enough, Nova enrolled herself into the royal guard academy to become a real guard like her father and uncle, Shining Armor. It was tough, extremely tough but she still loved it and clawed her way to the top of the class. During this time she moved to Canterlot and lived with her grandparents, Night Light and Twilight Velvet and also met two of her friends, Ice Lance (Son of Spearhead and Fleur de Lis) and Mystic Shadow. When the years of training ended she moved back to Ponyville and finally became a royal guard and she couldn't have been happier.

- Nova continued to climb the ranks and proved her worth and soon she was the rank just under her father. Flash Sentry was beyond proud of the lengths his daughter took to get here and after a few months and a talk with his wife, Flash stepped down as captain and passed the roll to Nova. He retired but still stayed part of the guard but more so to help guide his daughter to greater heights.

- Celestia called Nova to the castle in Canterlot one day after she became captain, telling her she had a gift for her and that gift was none other than a phoenix. She was honored to get such a special gift from the princess and named the fiery bird, Soleil.

- Nova took part in the famous Dragon War. Many protested her taking part, not only because of it being dangerous but that she was a princess. She didn't let that sway her. She knew it was dangerous but she was not going to sit behind in safety while she sent her troops to their possible deaths. She'd be there and there she was for weeks, Nova did stay in the camp most of the time until one day a dragon was getting too close to their camp. Nova decided to try and chase it off herself. It was a bloody battle between the two and she was beginning to realize that it was a horrible idea to have gone alone but she realized that a moment too late as the dragon knocked her from the air, sending her crashing into the ground. She struggled back onto her hooves just as the dragon landed and raked its claws across her face, knocking her to the ground again. The last thing she remembered hearing was the voice of her friend, Mystic Shadow, to hang in there. She woke up three weeks later in the hospital, she suffered burns, a sprained wing, a broken leg, a few broken ribs and pneumothorax (collapsed lung) but the thing that left the biggest lasting scar of the whole ordeal was on her face. Three claw marks across it that had also resulted in her becoming blind in one eye.

- Due to losing vision in her now damaged eye, Nova sought out help/therapy to grow accustomed to living with one working eye. She went to Discord and Celestia's son, Chaos Cross; Whom was born without a left eye. Pushing aside her pride, she asked him for help and guidance. This led to the two of them becoming friends. Later in life, Chaos became Nova's daughter's favorite foal sitter, and continued to come over to see the two of them often.

- After the events of the war, Nova developed post-traumatic stress disorder and occasionally suffers from nightmares and now has a underlying fear of all dragons, even halflings. She's wary around Aphrodite, Vulkan (Son of Garble and Fizzle), Hermes, Spike, Ember, Tanzanite (Son of Spike and Rarity), and Blue Moonstone but wishes she wasn't, she hates being scared of them.

- When her brother was corrupted by the dark shadow, Tenebris. Nova finally learned what her prized blue star charm was. One of the new Elements, the Elements of Friendship. She went on a quest then, to find the other new bearers of the Elements and they turned out to be none other than her friends, Apple Spritz (Daughter of Flim and Applejack), Chimi-Cherry Cheesecake (Daughter of Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie), Aura Shine (Daughter of Soarin' and Rainbow Dash), Clarity and Charity (Daughters of Fancy Pants and Rarity). Together they went on to try and confront the Tenebris to save Crescendo but after Tenebris shadow trapped her friends and turned them onto Nova it was Crescendo that saved himself, even though it killed him.

- Seeing her brother dying in front of her made Nova do something extremely risky but it also proved that she truly was the element of bravery, Instead of calling the doctors when his heart gave out, she and her friends used the elements on him and by some miracle it worked. Since that day Nova and Crescendo grew extremely close.

- Nova and Chimi-Cherry used to be an item for a while, they may not be together anymore but both are still best friends

- Out of the other Elements, Nova's closest friend has to be Apple Spritz. She was also the one that knew Spritzy's feelings towards her brother before they became a couple

- Nova is much closer to her cousin, Euphony than Flurry Heart. The two of them have also learned their mothers old greeting 'Sunshine Sunshine' and use it sometimes when meeting up. They used to get into sticky situations together when they were younger and sometimes still do.

- She's quite close to one of the daughters of Princess Luna, Nightfly. It's quite the surprising friendship to most due to how different the two ponies are.

- Nova is married to Xipilli. (Son of Ahuizotl and Daring Do) They met through Crescendo and Nova took a liking to him right away but also noticed how… Warped his views were on mares and being the captain of the royal guard she took it upon herself to educate him better in how both stallions and mares were equals, that there was no such thing as one being better than the other. They became friends and then more and more. They have a daughter, Quetzalli.

Nova Star Sparkle belongs to Shiiazu | Base by yaribases | OI by Faith-Wolff
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