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This is technically a drawing for the Pony Life episode, 'How Applejack Got Her Hat Back', but I decided to draw it in my regular style instead of a chibi one.

I found the episode pretty amusing, so I wanted to do something quick for it.
safe1580949 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen819 applejack159395 earth pony201832 pony849694 how applejack got her hat back100 my little pony: pony life3331 spoiler:pony life s01e04101 astrojack7 astronaut822 bench2190 beret1734 existential crisis132 female925336 fire10116 firefighter161 firefighter helmet48 flyerjack15 freckles25270 g4.5 to g470 goggles13233 hat76659 helmet9591 mare418026 pilotjack20 sad22716


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