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suggestive129343 artist:iloota216 twilight sparkle284623 anthro233622 unicorn271041 bed36788 bedroom eyes52373 breasts243007 butt29490 cheek fluff4483 ear fluff23822 face down ass up7323 horn44863 lidded eyes26317 looking at you146221 nudity338122 shoulder fluff1425 sideboob8786 stupid sexy twilight783 twibutt4550


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Background Pony #92C5
I can't understand a goddamn thing about you horny ass f***boys. Every art piece requires a new pair of underwear from your crusty clothes drawer.

can be considered a joke, if you read it in a thiccc Texas redneck accent. Feel free to remove if offensive.
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Northern Dashie
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Amazing Twilight, I bet it would feel so good to be able to hold her and cuddle her, and I bet it would feel even better to unleash some love inside of her ;)
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How about no!
I love this. The expression, the shading and lighting, the proportions, everything! So good.

I agree. A very well made picture which gives me feelable Twilight vibes.
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Bespectacled Birbcat
That's a very fuzzy and soft-looking anthro Twiggle.

I know some artists draw them with "colored skin," but I personally prefer the appeal of soft, downy fur covering their whole body. Imagine the hugs!
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