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Hentai in Japanese kanji- Hen(change, weird,or strange) tai(appearance or condition.) It’s also means perversion or abnormality especially when used as an adjective. It is a shortened term for Hentai Seiyoku.
In the Oxford English this it means Subgenre of manga or anime that are x-rated material. In Japan it not used as a genre of media but for any kind of bizarre explicit desire or acts such as doing it with farts thrown into the mixed or an attraction to 13 year old(doing it with a minor is illegal in Japan and will land you in jail). X-rated materials are tagged as 18-kin and seijin manga(adult manga).
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Be thankful for your ignorance and live a happy life.

Or read the following spoiler: It's pornographic manga and anime. And as with all things, the Japanese are the masters of weird. Thus Hentai contains stuff that you find basically nowhere else. Research the topic at your own risk.
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