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safe1586245 artist:yakovlev-vad444 edit118986 editor:gamedevanon5 fluttershy199194 pegasus243533 pony853580 :t3740 bed36753 behaving like a cat1932 box4239 cute180156 daaaaaaaaaaaw3150 eyes closed81042 female907598 floating heart1569 happy27917 heart43527 hnnng2283 if i fits i sits95 mare419751 onomatopoeia3432 plushie21997 pony in a box847 shyabetes11690 sitting55648 smiling217716 solo979910 spread wings48257 squeak198 squee1929 sweet dreams fuel820 teddy bear1211 weapons-grade cute3238 wings78250


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Background Pony #6086
thanks man, and yes, looking back at this edit I realize how quickly I worked on it. My art skills don't transfer perfectly to digital art, espically given its something I do on my phone during breaks at work. I feel like if I spent better time blending the shading, then maybe there would be less glaring mistakes to point out if you wanted to point them out. And yes, I was getting tired of seeing alot of people inside the brony community not being the change they want to see. Taking that along with my nature of making anything funny for the sake of being funny(see my original artwork to understand this), I went and searched top scoring images until I found ones I didn't like to see if I was being unreasonable in what standards I hold brony artists to. Given what I was able to produce, I believe the answer to be no. Would love to hear anything else you may have to say.
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More or less similarity to show style and fur is matter of taste, and possibly there are some your fans who prefer more show-style variants edits than more fluffy yakovlev's variants.

Still, better to keep attention when you change the curvature of countours and shadow edge of big shapes. You can remove details, still it is better to keep big shape created by details. And avoid change S curves to C curves or straight edges when possible or changing the curvature too much. Also better to avoid change of subtle smoothed corners to totally smoothed curve. It is possible to smooth some corner more and avoid total removal. And keep attention to avoid shape changes between curves and negative space between shapes, this affects the character appeal.

Sometimes it is impossible to keep these shapes and curvatures. For example, it impossible to keep big shape of checst/neck without fur, still possible to keep smoothed corner of this big shape. But it is better to keep them when possible, and be aware when you have to remove them. Actually show style keep many of these features, but in very subtle smoothed way. Hard (but possible) to see conciously, but they affect character impression subconciously.

Also cylinder and cube drawing exercises can help to make better 3d depth impression of 2d shapes. Even in edits. I have some tutorial for cylinders/legs >>2286285 :]

Sorry for the un-asked critique, hope it still better and more constructive than these many "why-are-you-doing-this" reactions.

Anyway, I respect your determination to avoid whining on pony fur and just fix with your own hands and I respect original artist consent of edits and experiments
Background Pony #83A6
From where does that gif come from? Pls I feel like watching whatever that is

It's from a Old El Paso commercial. The Mexican inhabitants are arguing whether hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos are superior to which the girl suggests "why not both?"
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