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safe1590329 edit119716 edited screencap57333 screencap204329 applejack160217 fluttershy199678 pinkie pie204859 rainbow dash221011 rarity171089 spike75357 storm king1102 tempest shadow15642 twilight sparkle284980 alicorn198390 dragon48999 earth pony204464 human144251 pegasus245236 pony857222 unicorn271893 my little pony: the movie17999 animated92725 broken681 coffin dance23 death5088 female934274 irl63399 irl human24850 male310775 mane seven5928 mane six29678 mare421679 meme78875 obsidian orb84 petrification844 photo71587 sound6957 staff2769 staff of sacanas360 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116334 webm10445


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