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safe1587595 artist:ponyhell62 derpibooru exclusive24633 cozy glow6029 princess celestia90467 alicorn197770 pegasus244285 pony855120 a better ending for cozy132 cozybetes1115 cropped44493 cute180588 cutelestia3240 duo49964 eyes closed81189 female916215 filly59905 foal14977 heartwarming639 hug25661 momlestia980 momlestia fuel88 mother and child1125 mother and daughter5165 simple background349164 sweet dreams fuel826 transparent background180826


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It wasn't Celestia that reached out, since she was the one who originally pushed her away…
I believe that at some point, Mother and Daughter had reconciled (likely over a holy beatdown of a greater threat that had opposed their ideals and personally-held beliefs which resulted in a near-death from the younger filly while Celestia slowly helped nurse her back to health), over time the two of them learned exactly what it felt like to have a family once again. This image was one taken before Celestia returned to Cozy Glow her natural Alicorn Magic.
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Fun as that would be, she would've turned out to be a terrible mother in that regard.


More of this "Sweet dreams fuel" tag. One day I dream to create art that is worthy of this tag.

Why go to those lengths? Cozy and her mother are both very volatile when it comes to expending heat as shown with despite having been turned into a Pegasus, Cozy was able to instantly reach an external body temperature equivalent to 32°F easily.

Cozy coating herself in poison would be ineffective and a waste of good poison since it would just instantly evaporate upon contact. And to openly declare yourself a villain is to know that what you are doing is wrong, but you follow through on a venture of pointless Nihilism: destruction for the sake of destruction, making a "villain" no different from a Raider.
Besides, what kind of street cred can be ruined when your Mom is the mothabucking Sun Princess? Especially one who no longer has to hide?
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For the purposes of maintaining her status as a villain, Cozy has coated herself in poison so that this hug does not cause her to lose too much of her street cred.
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I may have already said it before elsewhere, but I believe that we can all agree on who is most-likely Cozy's Father.

Due to the heavy presence of lighter pastels, Cozy while inheriting her Mothers' coat would also have Sombras' mane. And due to her veritable nature of being a child born of two parents from completely different worlds that under no circumstances would have ever met period. I am not saying that it wouldn't apply to alternate timelines like in The Cutie Re-Mark simply because there wouldn't be any restriction in place to prevent Celestia from wanting to bang the other worlds' King Sombra, but it would be downright impossible for Principal Celestia to have accomplished a similar feat on her own, meaning that there is no EqG Cozy Glow that could even physically exist.
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Salt in the comments I see. Cozy objectively deserves her fate in the finale. All three do.
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