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All it took was a single card and a single flower.
The card turned into signs demanding remission for the filly.
The flower turned into a sea surrounding the statue.

That was only the beginning…!
safe1587592 artist:darkhooves14 edit119274 edited screencap57003 screencap203320 cozy glow6029 lord tirek4785 queen chrysalis32572 centaur2657 changeling40767 pegasus244283 pony855117 the ending of the end2068 adventure in the comments1246 argument in the comments20 bouquet858 card2659 celestia's cutie mark28 comments more entertaining38 cozy glow drama26 cutie mark41501 debate in the comments220 discussion in the comments693 drama3112 female916211 filly59904 flower22497 justice for cozy glow1 legion of doom statue73 luna's cutie mark9 male309325 petrification843 protest139 series finale drama20 sign3704 signs54 statue2114 turned to stone34 twilight's cutie mark67


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Background Pony #1EA8
Don't care all that much. Fiction is fiction, and these weren't written to be like Nightmare Moon or "D". And especially not SS who was specifically written to be that way most of all.

In general Tirek is the worst of the villains, but the rest aren't too far off his hooves. This kind of things was inevitable from keeping the series on too long. The repetitive formula of reddemption was going to get old no matter what you did with it, and stereotypical villains aren't going to get more interesting than being plain evil however you portray them. Death or something worse is all you can expect for them.

I frankly think it could have ended when Tirek showed up. You cannot keep any work of fiction going on forever without (pardon the pun) beating a dead horse. Ending FiM then would have been the least controversial thing.
Background Pony #613A
Starlight only admitted that she was wrong was because Twilight was helped her get to that point. Had Twilight just beaten her during the time travel stuff I doupt she would suddenly feel bad about the things she did. Same with Discord, who only reformed due to getting help from Fluttershy.

Cozy meanwhile got a quick "why" question, a short scolding and was immedietly given up on and sent to Tartarus. She in no way got a second chance while Starlight did.
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@Background Pony #613A
To be serious for a moment, the difference between the two so far as the show is concerned, comes down almost entirely to remorse. It’s true that Starlight spat the Mane Six’s mercy back in their face the first time, but she did eventually humble herself, admit what she’d done was wrong, and submit to their judgement. Cozy made it pretty clear from the very beginning that the only thing she ever regretted was getting caught.
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Background Pony #613A
@Background Pony #5CCB
I never said either of them were sociopaths. I'm just pointing out that they did similarely bad things. If Starlight deserves a second chance then so does Cozy.
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Background Pony #613A
@Background Pony #71E2
Starlight also attempted to murder two of her villaigers, Discord brainwashed the M6 (something many consider worse then death) and I'm sure Tempest aiding the Storm King wasn't a bloodless affair.

There is also no concrete proof that she is truly a sociopath.
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Orphan sound posible, as tirek contact with her when he is in prisión to screw all, that make me think what would have happened if she had won and met her parents on the way, Although,is clear that she only took discord place
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Maybe she's an orphan? I feel like if they were in her life at all either she disowned them or they disowned her, perhaps both. Don't think she had any good family relationships growing up. Regardless, If my kid tried to erase magic or some IRL equivalent and take over the world I'd use their college fund for drinking money.
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