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safe1590317 applejack160217 fluttershy199675 pinkie pie204858 rainbow dash221010 rarity171087 spike75355 twilight sparkle284979 alicorn198385 earth pony204461 human144250 pegasus245231 pony857211 unicorn271892 friendship is magic2539 the last problem4283 book30794 computer5647 crying40544 hourglass308 laptop computer2068 mane seven5928 mane six29678 meme78875 older23554 older applejack545 older fluttershy523 older mane seven168 older mane six267 older pinkie pie504 older rainbow dash599 older rarity522 older spike4767 older twilight1156 princess twilight 2.01699 sad22891 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116333 twilight's canterlot home173


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Hipster brony
I remember shortly before becoming a brony I was afraid to give MLP:FIM a chance, not because I thought it'd be bad, or "kiddy," but because I was afraid I'd like it.
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The magic's gone :-(
I think we all can relate. This is how it happened to me, but I didn't think it as a "stupid cartoon".
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