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safe1590317 alternate version35031 artist:logan jones300 derpibooru exclusive24607 applejack160216 fluttershy199675 pinkie pie204858 rainbow dash221010 rarity171087 twilight sparkle284979 alicorn198385 pegasus245231 pony857211 unicorn271892 comic:yakity-sax logan jones' version6 yakity-sax707 agreeing1 alternate scenario312 challenge222 challenge accepted65 comic102433 cute181083 determined638 hair growth51 hoof hold7440 hooves16463 magic66618 mane six29678 onomatopoeia3455 relief204 sweat23339 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116333 worried3498


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Fluttershy got off pretty dang easy, but then again, her "favorite thing to do" doesn't just involve her own happiness and comfort, so can't really complain that loudly about it either.
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