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safe1586936 artist:ponyhell62 derpibooru exclusive24613 cozy glow6024 princess celestia90430 scootaloo49313 oc611584 oc:anon11411 oc:heartbeat132 oc:michpone10 dragon48807 a better ending for cozy133 achievement unlocked28 atg 2020919 cozybetes1114 cute180424 cutelestia3237 hug25646 momlestia980 momlestia fuel88 newbie artist training grounds5703 nuzzling3746 scootalove1643 xbox achievement2


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@Background Pony #E013
I can imagine that Celestia would sing Home to a baby Cozy Glow.

Hush your cries
Close your eyes
Stay with me
Let's just dream
Of what might be

Calm your fear
I'll be near
To you
I'll cling
Rest my friend
Time can mend
Many things

I don't know the answers
Tomorrow's still unknown
But I can make this promise
You won't be alone

I don't know where we should go
Just feeling farther from our goal
I don't know what path we will be shown
But I know that when I'm with you
I'm at home
Yes, I know that when I'm with you
I'm at home
Background Pony #E013
If only this is the Celestia we got instead of the travesty that refused to even try reforming a misguided filly.
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