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suggestive128206 artist:king-kakapo1079 dj pon-328131 lemon zest3042 octavia melody22518 vinyl scratch32227 human142228 equestria girls180474 angry24011 black eye977 blood22621 blushing176101 breasts240156 catfight176 cleavage30789 commission52171 fight5773 garden589 hair pulling893 humanized94146 mud2229 mud wrestling52 nosebleed2167 open mouth123369 pulling600 shovel865 wheelbarrow80


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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
*goes to tags*

*searches for "this will end in" to see how this could end*

*reads tags*

Well… now I don't know what I want.
Background Pony #6933
This is wonderful on so many levels. The shading, the faces, the whole setup. Go, Octavia, punish the lemonhead for overwatering!
Oct- "You were listening to music instead of doing your work!"
LZ- "You were listening to music instead of doing your work!"
Vi- "Girls, girls, we can all listen to music instead of doing your work!"
Octi wants to listen to classical music. LZ wants to listen to radio music. Vinyl wants to listen to them sing in the shower.
Background Pony #C97A
@Brass Beau
Well I hope the two will come to their senses at some point. As much as I love and worship Octavia, I don't like it when she makes troubles
Background Pony #6618
I wouldn't have thought king-kakapo was into wet-and-messy. There's nothing wrong with that, just not what I expected.

He draws mud-spattered bodies as exquisitely as he draws fancy clothing.
Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
"Don't miss an all new episode of 'Gardening Gone Wrong' featuring Lemon, Octavia and Vinyl. Octavia has had it with Lemon's gardening shenanigans and decides to teach her a lesson she'll never forget. Don't miss this episode Tonight at 8pm."