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Tempest Shadow: "I'm a friend of Twilight Velvet. I was told she was here. Could I see her please?"
Desk Sergeant: "No, you can't see her. She's making a statement."
Tempest Shadow: "Where is she?"
Desk Sergeant: "It may take a while. Want to wait? There's a bench over there."
Tempest Shadow: looks around, examining the structural integrity of the room, then looks back at him "I'll be back."

Since my previous Tempest post, it made think Tempest as T-800 from James Cameron's Terminator films.
safe1577489 artist:droll3271 tempest shadow15393 anthro230847 earth pony199744 unicorn266957 arnold schwarzenegger56 breasts240199 broken horn12775 busty tempest shadow503 clothes409756 female900831 helmet9962 horn43550 i'll be back5 jacket10854 male306086 movie reference557 reference3793 royal guard7061 shirt21294 sketch58940 sunglasses13005 terminator292 the terminator6 traditional art109423


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