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Originally posted on: March 23 2020
"Twilight, where's the taco and why are you looking at me that way? I'm not lesbian"
safe1573199 artist:siren_sonata4041 sonata dusk12583 twilight sparkle282353 alicorn194823 pony844075 blushing175463 burger1565 confused4128 drink4330 equestria girls ponified4111 eyelashes4369 female897330 food60631 hay burger534 jewelry50720 lesbian92109 necklace15202 ponified38330 question mark4067 shipping183712 sitting54865 smiling214453 soda1392 spiked wristband1057 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115019 twinata120 wristband3054


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Background Pony #9432
Technically you're not a pony either, but some kind of sea dragon thing. But, since you're here…