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safe1575143 artist:ponyhell57 applejack158832 big macintosh26866 fluttershy197744 princess celestia90014 rainbow dash219346 rarity169686 twilight sparkle282660 zecora8789 alicorn195227 earth pony198862 pegasus239479 pony845459 unicorn266014 zebra15733 apple14645 apple tree2718 atg 2020914 butt27438 cellphone2834 crossbow251 dead3812 female898940 food60805 history274 hug25463 industry15 male305363 mare415299 newbie artist training grounds5767 on back22417 phone5132 plot71184 plow81 rarity is industry3 religion610 smartphone1528 stallion92637 tree27483 unicorn twilight12892 x eyes520


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