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safe1613871 artist:hellpony36 applejack162446 big macintosh27069 fluttershy202834 princess celestia91109 rainbow dash223874 rarity173605 twilight sparkle288053 zecora8937 alicorn205683 earth pony215371 pegasus256686 pony881466 unicorn284510 zebra16234 apple15257 apple tree2900 atg 2020898 butt41193 cellphone3036 crossbow251 dead3911 female1284611 food64155 history287 hug26137 industry15 male343180 mare438823 newbie artist training grounds5589 on back22948 phone5458 plot73008 plow82 rarity is industry3 religion620 smartphone1655 stallion97594 tree29124 unicorn twilight14315 x eyes575


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