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Twilight is breaking all the rules of being a proper pony princess!
Credit for the striped sock designs go to RexySeven and NCMares.

Made for ATG X (2020) day 26: Draw a pony living on the wild side
safe1576030 artist:litrojia87 twilight sparkle282796 alicorn195423 pony846142 abstract background11868 atg 2020920 cheek fluff4413 chest fluff32523 clothes409279 cushion513 dialogue60573 ear fluff23389 eyes closed80246 female899717 mare415744 mismatched socks98 newbie artist training grounds5775 offscreen character29470 sitting55024 smug5099 socks56802 solo973400 striped socks19159 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115251


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Background Pony #1A05
Agreed, but to an extent. If she wants to be seen forever as an idiot or a danger to others by her choices she'll have to live by those consequences as an example.