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Sooo… This is what happens when I feel angsty…

Creepypastas featured:

Pinkie Pie= Literally every evil Pinkie
Applejack= Elements of Insanity (Not really a Creepypasta per se, but I thought it fit)
Twilight Sparkle= The Experiments of Twilight Sparkle
Fluttershy= My Little Amnesia
Rarity= Little Miss Rarity
Rainbow Dash= Rainbow Factory

(I apologize for the viewer discretion. Better safe than sorry!)
Includes: Minor references to blood/gore
semi-grimdark28026 artist:elementbases254 artist:pegasister6419 applejack158898 fluttershy197833 pinkie pie203297 rainbow dash219434 rarity169764 twilight sparkle282780 alicorn195394 earth pony199201 pegasus239754 pony846067 unicorn266340 elements of insanity323 fanfic:cupcakes1820 fanfic:rainbow factory1072 fanfic:the experiments of twilight sparkle12 lil-miss rarity489 alternate hairstyle24480 alternate universe9273 amnesiashy70 applejack's hat5392 applepills82 base used15785 black background4473 black sclera1646 blood22597 clothes409251 colored sclera586 cowboy hat13163 creepypasta641 eye scar4451 fanfic art13052 female899662 flying34340 gloves17213 hat76656 mane six29456 mare415709 my little amnesia29 pinkamena diane pie18249 scar10452 simple background345828 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115238


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