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Aaaaaaaaa! Im so happy with how all these came out!! ♡ ;; o ;;

Introducing, my newest mane six pack~
safe1750222 artist:kittyrosie636 applejack173254 fluttershy217236 pinkie pie220137 rainbow dash238541 rarity185566 twilight sparkle306080 alicorn232855 earth pony265826 pegasus309061 pony1010311 unicorn342211 my little pony: pony life5697 pony life6188 candy7099 cute205664 dashabetes9640 diapinkes10271 food72966 jackabetes6248 mane six32558 one eye closed32496 open mouth154282 rainbow4733 raribetes5626 shyabetes14501 smiling260846 tree33512 twiabetes12264 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126183 wink25647


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